Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lying makes your lips curl, getting ready for school, and a REALLY cute wreath!

I feel so much better. I crafted this week, spent time with family, and we are pretty much ready for Ryan to start the third grade!

This past weekend I went to a BBQ on the Rohn side of our family. I don't see them very often as they live in a far away place called Scottsdale. I need to haul my cookies up there way more often though because we had a BLAST!

Traci told us about a conversation that she had with her friends about how funny it would be if every time a person lied their lip curled up and under. Of course we sat around telling each other lies until we looked like this!

My cousins Traci, Tami, Tricia and I.

Tricia's sons, Matt and MJ. Such sweet guys!

Lots of cousins!

Ryan has not been all that jazzed about school starting. Neither have I. I like having my kids home with me. We headed off to Meet the Teacher night...and that is where everything changed.

Ryan realized his favorite friend Nicholas was going to be in his class this year and now he cannot wait for school to start!

Mama and Ry heading into Meet the Teacher. 
This picture is a reminder to me to always wear face powder. Holy Freckles Bat Man.

Ryan and his new teacher Mrs. Smith. Darn blinds!

I have been going through lot of old pictures lately...in an attempt to sort the bajillions we have and I found this one:

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was deliriously happy to be welcoming this baby.

I can't believe that almost eight years have almost passed and my sweet babe is starting the 3rd grade!

I love you Ry. I know you will be the best 3rd grader ever. You always make me so proud.

So I was window shopping at etsy the other day and found this:

I wanted it bad...real bad. But alas, the crafter wanted $75 bucks for that mutha.

I decided with a little searching through my own craft stash I could make my own.
I had everything but the yarn which I bought for about $4. Everything else was in my crafting stash.

Do you LOVE it?
I LOVE it!

Here are some shots of my process. Not a full tut but you know...a little something to get you started.

Basically wrap the wreath (straw would have been better) with bunting.

Then choose yarn to wrap it with. I choose the fun thick brown yarn and then went over it with strands of black yarn.

Take out your stash of felt. Then go online and google tutorials and templates for fabric and felt flowers. There are tons. Pick the ones you like and make them.

Make lots of felt leaves and stitch them in a variety of designs.

Arrange your flowers and attach with hot glue.

I love my new wreath and it was therapeutic to craft a little too!

I released this new template at TheDigiChick last week.

Head on over to TheDigiChick to pick it up.

Also, my retirement sale is still going on...dozens of soon to be retired products for just $1!

Check out this inexpensive and cute way to start the school year!

A quick and easy craft. Pick up a 12x12 tile from the Home Improvement store for about $1.

Order the vinyl decal here for just $8 and that includes your shipping!

Hope all is well with you and yours...have a great week!

MS - just an FYI. We know you come on the blog regularly.


Fullercoaster said...

Loved the wreath and the fact that you used the word Alas. You are truly a crafty woman! Mrs. Smith is a good teacher. Ryan will learn a lot==alas==he is not in my class and you no longer live on my street. I will be content to wave at you at pickup...

McRae Family said...

Love the wreath, and yours is way cuter....$75, I don't think so!

Virginia Callister said...

Kim, cute Wreath. I know, third grade, sad. I take it Matty doesn't start until next year.
C.J. had Mrs. Smith for a while. She stepped in when his 6th grade teacher left abruptly. She is a good teacher. Pretty serious and pretty in control. She expected alot of her students. I'm thinking it would be much more fun to teach 3rd grade than 6th.