Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Bittersweet Week

This week was a bittersweet week. Lots of love and laughs and some tears too. Let me tell you about it.

On August 1st Mark and I celebrated our 12th anniversary! 

My mom made us a yummy dinner and Grandma and Aunt Jo came over to celebrate with us. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wresh

Mom and I...in some very weird lighting.

Fixing dinner with Mom, Grandma, and Aunt Jo. 
She is making that face because she refuses to smile for pictures.
Sorry Jo - I can't photoshop a smile! :)

I love a table full of family!

Dinner was Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with cheese, chives, and tomatoes on top. We also had rice and salad with avocado...thanks mom!

Aunt Jo made this Lemon Angel Food Cake with Whipped Cream. 
She doesn't horse around folks. She even made the lemon filling from fresh lemons off of Grandma's tree. 
On the top she had tried to write "Happy 12th Anniversary" with red icing. It kind of melted and slid down the side of the cake. I totally tried to take a picture of it but she would not let me. I mean I really tried. We were actually wrestling in the kitchen. She might be small but she is feisty. I didn't get the picture. Drat.

Baby Margie thought that since we were having cake we should have candle too so she could "phew" out the candle! So she got a candle and she sang Happy Birthday to me! LOVE HER!

After dinner Margie gave me some snuggles...

...and Aunt Jo helped me hang up more pictures (she has a knack).

A dear friend of my sisters son passed away this last week. 

Mom, Margie, and I went to the services to represent Courtney. She would have been there for her. So went to show her all the love that Courtney would have. 

Her son was only 15. It is so very sad. I am glad that she is a woman of faith. I cannot imagine getting through the kind of sorrow I know she is going to face without our Savior.

After the services with Courtney's best friend Lis and her fiance Kevin (who is sooo darling!)

Margie and Elisabeth. Courtney loved Lissy so much that Margie's middle name is Elisabeth. 
Lissy was the most loyal friend that Courtney had her whole life...and continues to be...even after her death.
Love you so much Buff.

I cannot believe that Joel is a senior. What I cannot believe even more is that for the first time ever ever ever I did not get a picture of Joel before school on the first day of the year. I was distraught.

I did get this shot of him when he got home and came into my bedroom to tell me about his day. I told him to smile or "do something" so I could take a cute picture. He decided he was going to go for smoldering.

I have to post this picture of Joel's friend (who happens to be gorgeous) Sierra. She is doing a little modeling and this is one of the shots. I think she is just so adorable!

Cute, cute, cute!

Maybe by Halloween I will be done organizing this house. Maybe. 

I did organize this cute space in the loft with some of my crafting and scrapping supplies.

Loving it! Some of Mr. Wresh's discarded peg board and I have a mini-scrap store!

Lance was Courtney's boyfriend before she passed away. They met just before she left for Florida and talked everyday that she was there. He even flew down to Florida to see her. I remember Courtney being on the phone with Lance when we were there for Christmas. She would laugh and laugh. He sent her presents and love letters...and for treating her like a princess for the last year of her life...I will be forever grateful. 

We had Lance over for dinner this week. There were lots of tears while we remembered Courtney. He told me that Courtney told him one of the things she missed the most about Arizona was being near me. Hearing that was bliss. He had saved some of her voice messages and played them for me. Oh how I loved hearing her voice.
I miss my sister so much. I only learn how to be a better faker every day and to put on the smile on my face that everyone wants to see so that they don't have to feel uncomfortable. I am sick with grief. I miss our family so much...the way it used to be.

Lance and I after dinner and lots of tears.

Mom and Margie have been here visiting and it has been wonderful. I am so sad that their trip is being cut short. My grandfather "Bammer" is under hospice care and is not expected to live more than a few more days. Mom and Margie are returning to Florida early to be with our family down south. 

Here are some fun pictures from this last week.

Watching a movie with the kids

Such cutie pies all ready for church. When I saw Margies new church dress I whipped up a new bow to match it!

Playing on the fort in the backyard

All ready to head over to Great Grandma and Jo Jo's house for the day!

What do you mean you don't have a bow to match that outfit? Here...let Aunt Kimmy make you one right quick!

This is Margie's new favorite goofy face...and yes. I took her to Wal Mart in her bathing suit! We have been swimming a lot! 

Speaking of swimming...this little girl is such a fish! When she saw Joel go off the diving board she had to do it too! Then she did it over and over and over and...well...you get the idea. 


All summer long I have been trying to get Matty to swim. When mom came down she said, "Oh, that's OK. I will teach him today when we go swimming." 

I was all, "Whatev moms..." 

And then she did teach him to swim. That same day. 



Steve and Sarah said...

Is Sierra modeling for whippycake? My friend makes headbands for them! She has turned out to be one beautiful lady!

McRae Family said...

What great little swimmers you have there!

Darren and Natalie said...

Truly bittersweet. I love that you whip up bows for her outfits! I share the same sickness:)
Hugs to you! Miss you, woman!